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Santorini, a Paradise City in Greece

It is next to impossible that someone visits Greece, but does not visit the awe-inspiring Santorini. Thira or Santorini, shaped in the form of a crescent, is a precious Aegean gem which is basically an island group consisting of other islands including Palea and Thirassia, among a few others. It might not be generally known to all but complex of Santorini islands still is considered an active volcano. Islands forming Santorini were formed due to extensive active of volcano and over centuries, 12 huge eruptions took place.

Touris Santorini

This holiday spot is ideal for couples and those on their honeymoons. Santorini is thought to be a place, particularly sought after by the romantics as clear waters could be enjoyed there while remaining perched over the rim of a huge volcano that is in the midst of the sea. Due to this, Santorini has increasingly gained the reputation of wedding destination and couples from world over visit it and not only the people of Greece. A Trip down to Santorini is considered a dream for those planning on their perfect romantic experiences.

Touris Santorini

Not only it attracts couples and people from the globe due to its beauty, it also holds other special elements. Here one can have excellent gastronomic experience since the island also happens to be a great culinary paradise. One could treat the taste buds with popular traditional products and dishes as cherry tomatoes, fava, caper as well as hloro tyri, which is a fresh and special goat cheese that’s found over the island.

Along with this, there are exceptional wines of the region extracted from the grapes that grew in island’s volcanic soil. The most famous of the wines available include Mantilaria, Mavrotragano, Aidani, Assyrtiko and Athyri which are sold at the famous wineries of the island and also some restaurants.

So, Santorini offers a complete package for tourists from different countries and manages to exceed expectations of all.

Touris Santorini
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